Vilka är alla dessa fantastiska ledare vi har i Göteborg?

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  1. Dalaho skriver:

    George Kalyun Gais P98

  2. Daniel skriver:

    Romeo vidovic bästa ungdoms tränaren i Göteborgs historia!!!!!

  3. Läsare skriver:

    Maria Nylander och Patrik Mattsson ledare för Eriksberg IF F98.
    Lägger ner otroligt mycket tid och evenemang på deras tjejer. Och inte bara när det handlar om fotbollen… Sammanhållningen är väldigt viktigt för dem drf försöker dem hitta på olika aktiviteter utanför fotbollen t.ex som idag åkte dem till High adventure!

  4. Isak skriver:

    Tom Carney IFK p98 en fantastisk tränare med mkt kärlek för sina spelare och stora kunskaper.

  5. Gais skriver:

    George kalyun lätt bäst i stan!

  6. Guest skriver:

    Aristides Rodriguez Rannebergens IF P00

  7. Buffon Jr. skriver:

    Aristides Rodriguez Rannebergens IF P00.

  8. Gårdakvarnen skriver:

    George Kalyun bör du checka in!

  9. Claudio skriver:

    Hej Rudy!

    Great initiative!!

    I would like to say that majority of the coaches that i know or have the pleasure to work with on a daily basis, do spend an enormous amount of time everyday on it be it on education, training or competition for different reasons, but the two main reasons why we do so, are our love for the game and also the many young footballers be it boys or girls which we see dedicating their lives into learning the game and becoming better. (not only better football players but also good persons.)

    Recognition is not in my personal agenda but yes, seeing the many players that i work or worked with, achieving their goals and dreams!

    There are many good moments and some not so great, and of course many sacrifices that only the coaches families and the players families can relate to.

    No time to ”take the eye off the ball” as after all, coaching is a way of life and or you are ready to commit yourself to it, or it is better to not even start doing it so.

    Just like the great Brian Clough once said: ”In football, nobody ever says thank you.”

    That is a reality that we coaches have to live with. Instead i feel very fortunate for working with players willing to listen, and willing to give everything day in-day out in order to find solutions on their own while playing in the series or cups all year around!

    Being a youth coach is extremely rewarding, and i must say that Göteborg is a city where many coaches and parents are willing to give their time to the many young players which is fantastic.

    Göteborg has also many young coaches bringing different ideas, attributes and an enormous passion for the game which can only benefit the game itself, the players and the many clubs all over Göteborg!

    Like i previous said, recognition is not in my personal agenda, instead, i would like to see all the players that i work with achieving their goals!!!

    No one is too old for fairy tales, but only with dedication and desire to achieve, fairy tales do happen!!!

    Keep up with the good work!!!

  10. Romeo är kung skriver:

    Romeo Vidovic helt klart bästa tränaren !

  11. HBFC skriver:

    Leif Sjöqvist Hisingsbacka FC. Herrlag, juniorlag, p97 och även flera knattelag. Backas hjärta!

  12. Linnea skriver:

    Kent Stenborg F00 BK Häcken

  13. disqus_v5R9QdIlBw skriver:

    Jon Mörner och Anton Berglund Qviding F98!!!!

  14. qviding skriver:

    jon mörner och anton berglund qviding f98! de lägger ner väldigt mycket tid på oss tjejer !

  15. Qviding skriver:

    Jon Mörner och Anton Berglund, Qviding fif f98! De är engagerade, sprider glädje och bidrar till att tjejerna utvecklas enormt! Unga men otroligt duktiga!

  16. Qviding f98 skriver:

    Jon mörner och anton berglund som tränar qviding f98, dem läggerner så sjukt mycket tid på laget.

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